• Modern Chinese Warplanes, Combat Aircraft and Units of the Chinese Air Force and Naval Aviation
    Author Andreas Rupprecht and Tom Cooper
    ISBN 978-0-9854554-0-8
    Size 21x28cm, softcover
    Volume 256 pages with 3 black and white pictures, 274 colour pictures, 12 maps and 60 colour drawings
    Weight 1.07kg
    Retail price 35.95 Euro plus p&p
    Publication 29 October 2012
    Publisher Harpia Publishing L.L.C.

    Much of the fascination that Chinese military aviation holds for the analyst and enthusiast stems from the thick veil of secrecy that surrounds it. This uniquely compact yet comprehensive directory serves as a magnificently illustrated, in-depth analysis and directory of modern Chinese air power. It is organised in three parts: the most important military aircraft and their weapons found in Chinese service today; aircraft markings and serial number systems; and orders of battle for the People's Liberation Army Air Force and Naval Air Force.

    The study includes the latest developments emerging from behind the 'Bamboo Curtain', including the J-20 stealth fighter programme and other indigenous projects that are equipping a rapidly modernising air arm. The centrepiece consists of more than 100 fully illustrated pages detailing the organisational structure of the Air Force and Naval Aviation, providing an easy-to-use review of all known flying units, their equipment and their markings. No other book has ever attempted to present this level of accuracy in this way: Modern Chinese Warplanes portrays the PLAAF and the PLANAF in a degree of detail that was previously unavailable.