• Arab MiGs Volume 3, The 1967 War
    Author Tom Cooper and David Nicolle, with Lon Nordeen and Patricia Salti
    ISBN 978-0-9825539-9-2
    Size 21x28cm, softcover
    Volume 256 pages with 145 black and white pictures, 30 colour pictures, 3 maps and 17 colour drawings
    Weight 1.07kg
    Retail price 35.95 Euro plus p&p
    Publication 24 October 2012
    Publisher Harpia Publishing L.L.C.

    The June 1967 War fought between an Arab alliance and Israel was a pivotal event in the modern history of the Middle East. This study provides the most complete and detailed coverage ever of the Arab air forces during the course of that conflict. Supported by original documentation, and hundreds of blow-by-blow accounts from participants and eyewitnesses from Egypt, Iraq, Jordan and Syria, the result is a fascinating and gripping narrative that uncovers many new stories for the first time. Numerous vivid descriptions shed light upon Israeli attacks on Arab air bases, dozens of air combats, efforts to continue fighting against all odds, failures of Arab security and intelligence, and conflicts within the military chains of command.

    These stories are complemented by descriptions of the tactics and weaponry deployed. Almost 200 photographs, diagrams and artworks combine with lucidly written text to produce one of the most informative and readable books on air warfare to have become available in recent years. Military historians and scholars interested in aviation and foreign affairs will find this volume of particular interest. As a unique work that presents the Arab point of view of a defining war, it stands as both a complement and a corrective to previous accounts of this much-misunderstood conflict.