• Latin American Fighters, A History of Fighter Jets in Service with Latin American Air Arms
    Author IƱigo GUEVARA y MOYANO
    ISBN 978-0-9825539-0-9
    Size 21x28cm, softcover
    Volume 256 pages with 32 black & white, 186 colour pictures, 18 maps
    Weight 1.07kg
    Retail price 35.95 Euro plus p&p (non-binding)
    Publication November 2009
    Publisher Harpia Publishing, L.L.C.

    This book for the first time describes the military fighter jet aviation in Latin America. It covers the eventful history of fighter jets in 17 countries ranging from Mexico in the north down to Argentina in the south. Each country is covered type by type in chronological order. Information on each type is being provided related to purchase, squadron service, losses, upgrades and service history.

    Each type ends with a table covering the number of delivered aircraft, different types and subtypes, delivery dates and known serial numbers. Each of the over 100 aircraft types mentioned could be covered with at least one picture. An appendix lists the existing plastic scale model kits in 1/72, 1/48 and 1/32 scale as wells as decal sheets in regards to the 17 Latin American air forces featured in the book