• Russian Air Power Almanac 2021
    Author Piotr Butowski
    ISBN 978-1-950394-04-3
    Size 21x28cm, hardcover
    Volume 144 pages with colour pictures, drawings, tables and maps
    Weight 0.750kg
    Retail price 64.95 Euro, excluding p&p
    Publication 23 April 2021
    Publisher Harpia Publishing Verlags GmbH

    The latest book in the ‘Russian’ series from Harpia Publishing presents the current state and future prospects of Russian military aviation.

    All aircraft and helicopter types operated today by Russia’s military aviation are presented in a comprehensive roundup. The latest and most important developments are presented in separate expanded sections that describe, for example, the capabilities of the new-generation Su-57 fighter and the future Minoga multi-purpose naval helicopter. The status of the forthcoming PAK DA strategic bomber programme is described, while the latest versions of the MiG-31 interceptor – the Burevestnik satellite launch platform and Kinzhal sub-strategic strike system – are analysed. There is also coverage of new manned and unmanned reconnaissance assets recently delivered to the Russian Aerospace Forces and Russian Navy, plus the latest Ka-52M and Mi-28NM combat helicopter upgrades.

    Russia’s military leadership and armed forces structure is described, followed by up-to-date charts and maps showing all military aircraft units in Russia, their locations and inventories.

    Appendices present Russia’s military budget, as well as orders and purchases of aircraft under the state armament acquisition programmes for 2018 to 2027, and other data.

    The public information space has been littered with misleading information in recent years; Russian aviation is no exception. The author has made every possible effort to ensure the information provided is verified and reliable. The Russian Air Power Almanac 2021 is planned as the first in a series of Russian military aviation chronicles to be published every two to three years.